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Disclaimer: This website contains content that is not suitable for minors.  By continuing, you are acknowledging that you are of legal age to view adult content. Namely, gay furry content.

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Important Information!


Engaging Destiny has been released on and Steam! You can buy it not for only $14.99!


Happy New Year, folks! I know I rarely update this site, but everything is still trucking along just fine.  You can keep up with it on Patreon, Twitter, and Itch!


You can still purchase the Harold plushie through PawPrint Press!  Be sure to give him a nice home to go to.  The better he does, the more likely other members of the cast will get a plush too!


For international order, please make sure you are not on the suspended service list before making an order.


The base shipping prices in the store increased by 0.25-0.50 cents as I shift into using 100% completely recyclable shipping materials.  Doing what I can to help the planet!  Thanks, everyone!


Keychains are restocked, so be sure to head over to the merch page and grab them while you can!


Hey, folks!  Just a heads up, but I will not be reordering any of my current pins (the EA cast headshots).  I think it's time to let that design retire, so once my stock is sold through, that'll be it for them!


Gavel and I have officially released Endless Bounty to the public!  You can purchase it on for only $5.99 today!


As of the 1st this month on Patreon, Coach Grifter's route is finished!  While his route has drawn to an end, it isn't the end of his story.  Thank you to everyone for all the continued support!


Moving is a success, and all domestic shipping will be back to normal!  Thanks, folks!


I will be in the process of moving over the next week, so there could be delays in shipping any new orders from the merch store.


Due to the current state of affairs with Covid-19, I will not be taking any international orders for now, as I won't be able to make trips to the post office to ship them out.  Domestic orders I ship from home, so these will still be open.  I'm sorry for any inconvenience!


A new tier has been added to Patreon to offer supporters access to guides!  Be sure to check it out here.


All pins in the store have B quality variants for half price!


Darius pins have been ordered, but it will take about 40 business days before they are here!



I will be at BLFC until the 19th, so any orders placed will not be shipped until I return.  Thanks!



Shipping prices have been updated to better reflect shipping costs in regards to upcoming merchandise.



WolfBite Interactive lanyards have been added to the store page!  Show off your Extracurricular Pins in style!



Monster Hunting... For Love! has officially released on Steam!  Check it out today!



I messed up with the launch and forgot to have Steam verify the page, so it could be up to an additional five business days before the game is allowed to release.  Whoops.



Less than a week away until Monster Hunting... For Love! releases on Steam!  Be sure to check out the store page for it!



Due to recent increases in USPS postage, shipping prices will increase to reflect that.  Sorry for an inconvenience this may cause.



I've officially registered my website domain after finally deciding on a business name for myself and all my future endeavors.  Thank you all for your support and kind words!


- Dyne, WolfBite Interactive.

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