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Click a title to be taken to a Google document page for the story. All of these are intended for adult audiences due to the strong sexual content.

The weather is dark and rainy, leaving Dyne's shop, Teas and Tonics, void of customers. Despite the weather, Dyne is surprised when a rather imposing customer shows up looking for the alchemist's help with a special request.

Written in 2022

~6600 Words

All Dyne wanted to do was get in a quick workout, but it seems he got himself into a bit of trouble with a regular thanks to his actions from a prior visit. The coach is rather forgiving though, and he ends up rewarding the dog, despite his bad behavior.

Written in April 2023

~5100 Words

Dyne gets a text message from the coach about his usual trip to the gym. He makes a special request of the dog, so Dyne makes his way to the gym, more than happy to oblige. Something isn't right though, and Dyne's night goes far differently than he imagined it would.

Written in August 2023

~7500 Words

A shorty story written as an exercise, following a thief through a maze as he looks for a way out, but he's being stalked by a monster that's set on killing him.

Written in January 2019

~8300 Words

The fourth short story I wrote as practice back in 2019. This one follows a man that is isekai'd into a fantasy world. He finds himself in an orc village, and one orc, who's dedicated to magical studies, aims to help figure out how to get him back home.

Written in September 2019

~20000 Words

Aetrian has only known a life full of prosperity and comfort.  As the prince of the kingdom of Eldrark, he has his duty to one day take control of the kingdom and lead in his father's stead. He has already resigned his life to doing so, but having his servant, and best friend, Jarrod, at his side, he is prepared to do whatever he must. That is, only if Jarrod is with him.

Written in June 2019

~24000 Words

No mall trip is complete without an unexpected romp in the bathroom, and that's just what Dyne gets while he's out on a lunch date with his husband. Only, the romp isn't with his husband and is with a new friend he made recently at the local gym.

Written in May 2023

~4800 Words

Dyne's off to the gym again, but he's on his own tonight. However, there's a patron there he's not too familiar with, and something clicks in Dyne to try and use some of his orc coach's tactics to persuade the big fella into some extra fun.

Written in August 2023

~5100 Words

Another short story I wrote for practice, set in a kind of post-apocalyptic fantasy world where monsters rule anything outside of fortified towns. Some people choose to travel outside, but they have to face the consequences of doing so.

Written in March 2019

~13000 Words

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Aug 10, 2023

I just want to thank you all for your support over the years. You'll never know how much it really means to me <3


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