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Aetrian and Jarrod
Palace Meeting

Aetrian has only known a life full of prosperity and comfort.  As the prince of the kingdom of Eldrark, he has his duty to one day take control of the kingdom and lead in his father's stead. He has already resigned his life to doing so, but having his servant, and best friend, Jarrod, at his side, he is prepared to do whatever he must. That is, only if Jarrod is with him.

This is a short story following Aetrian and Jarrod as their lives are put onto a completely different path than what they ever imagined.

This story was the first I wrote in regard to the creation of the world where the country of Lorithel exists, so it means a lot to me.  Endless Bounty and Engaging Destiny also take place in the same world.  Aetrian and Jarrod even make an appearance in Endless Bounty, so you can find them there too!

This project was made possible thanks to my Patrons! You can support me there too if you'd like! All support for what I do is greatly appreciated and allows me to keep making these kinds of projects!

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What you get:

Tales of Lorithel: The Bonds of Royalty is a linear short story set up as a visual novel at roughly 24,000 words (1-2 hours depending on reading speed) and has over 15 (plus variations!) special CGs to view. There are no choices to make or any mechanics to pay attention to.

This includes a music and image gallery so you can revisit any of the CGs you've viewed!

In regards to the NSFW content - It's gay and human/dragon.  If you don't care for your dragon men with cloacas/slits, this probably isn't for you, and the NSFW CGs account for about 20% of the overall number. It is an NSFW VN, but the focus isn't solely meant to be sexual.


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Writer/Programmer - DyneWulf - Patreon/Twitter/FurAffinity

Lead/Concept Aritst - Gavel - Twitter/FurAffinity

Sound Design - Civ Valian - SoundCloud/Twitter/FurAffinity

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