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This soundtrack contains MP3 versions all of the tracks to Endless Bounty and a couple of extras that were either not used or specially composed just for this soundtrack.


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All music composed by CV4 (Soundcloud/Bandcamp).

1. Opening
2. Endless Bounty
3. Just Strolling
4. Grab a Pint
5. Just Strolling (Swinging Mix)
6. Green Leaves
7. NightBy
8. NightBy (Adventure Version)
9. Into the Mines
10. Encounter!
11. Lustful Callings
Extra Tracks
12. Encounter (Unused Version)
13. Just Strolling (Café Lullaby Arrangement)
14. A Memory of Endless Bounties


Copyright WolfBite Interactive LLC 2019-Current Year. All Rights Reserved.

Endless Bounty OST

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